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The Rootkit 1.1 is a Multi-Choice 3D Platformer Strategy game that pictures a Virtual 3D Hacking world.

Story Synopsis:

The “Revers Corporation” trying to take over the world’s network so they can implement their network to capture the world’s data and It is your mission to shut them down!
What would you do?


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The Rootkit 1.1 - Windows 351 MB
The Rootkit 1.1 - Mac OS 366 MB
The Rootkit 1.1 - Linux 364 MB


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played the game ! at first i was ify but it was alot of fun but raging at the same time! but the part that was odd that my choices didnt feel like they had a impact on the game or is it?

Thanks for playing and reviewing The Rootkit, We hope you enjoyed it!
The choices have to do with the different paths you take through the story and there will be more parts coming in the future so stay tuned if you're interested!